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Filipino invention to help Mongolians breathe free
November 12, 2012
Mongolia, one of the world’s top 10 countries with the worst air quality, is adopting Filipino technology to help improve the health of people in its urban centers.

Eco-G NanoTechnology (Philippines) and Erdene & Gochioco LLC Company (Mongolia) signed an memorandum of agreement to avert the life-threatening conditions due to fuel emissions.

Representing the Mongolian firm are Lawrence Gochioco, executive director, and Erdenechimeg Yadamdorj, general manager, who signed the agreement with their counterparts Eco-G president Alexander Cayaba and chief finance officer Celestino Palma III.

“Mongolia needs to employ innovative technologies developed by other countries.  The Eco-G3000 is a novel low-cost and low-maintenance device that addresses our challenges in gas saving and cutting auto emissions significantly,” Erdenechimeg said. “Field tests conducted during my visit in Metro Manila convinced me that the system works.”

Mongolia is largely dependent on imported oil and gasoline products for all its domestic energy requirements. The capital city, Ulaanbaatar, suffers from severe air pollution coming from the ger district and auto emissions.

“The Mongolian government is ready to fully support such a technology”, said Erdenechimeg.

According to Cayaba, Eco-G3000 consists of a fuel vaporizer, an auxiliary tank, and a catalyst.

The fuel mixture is vaporized, heated and fed into the vehicle’s intake manifold which results in improved fuel efficiency and the significant reduction of toxic emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide.

“Test results from Land Transportation Office-accredited testing centers have shown that Eco-G3000 can reduce toxic emissions up to 80 percent,” said Cayaba.  The system has been installed in tricycles, motorcycles, cars, truck, and buses in Metro Manila.

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