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Mongolian language in Google Translate an option
January 17, 2013
Speaker Z.Enkhbold initiated a suggestion for Mongolian language to be included in “Google translate” by launching a poll via Twitter.

To research the suggestion, on Wednesday, the Speaker met IT experts and exchanged views on the possibilities of Mongolian language being an option in Google translate.

At the start of the meeting the speaker read out mail by Battulga, Software engineer at Google.

Battulga encouraged the speaker`s poll via Twitter and sent a mail exploring Mongolian language possibilities in Google translate. He said in the mail that Google Translate does not apply grammatical rules, since its algorithms are based on statistical analysis rather than traditional rule-based analysis. 

If Mongolian language is accepted in Google translate, it can help the reader to understand the general content in English, Russian and Japanese language text, but it does not always deliver accurate translations.

Experts say the service requires the number of paragraphs, or range of data that will be translated into popular languages.

Therefore officials exchanged their opinions on Mongolian language in Google translate using and websites.

T.Jadamba, the Head of the Information, Communications Technology and Post Authority of Mongolia (ICTPA) was given the duty to be in charge of holding a meeting with IT experts and establishing a working group to take action on the issue.
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